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Southwest Indexing, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides indexing services in English and Spanish to publishers, packagers, professional organizations, and corporations.

Created in 1989, it is known for the high quality of its back-of-the-book indexes for scientific, technological, and engineering materials, and for Spanish-language materials.

Janet works with both Spanish and English trade books, textbooks, technical materials, and corporate materials. Areas of specialization include the scientific and technical, but other subject areas and non-technical material of a more general nature are always welcome and have always been part of the mixture of projects.

Subject Matter Expertise

• Physical sciences (chemistry, physics, earth sciences)
• Engineering (civil, chemical, materials science, aircraft)
• Biology and biochemistry
• Consumer health
• Nursing
• Audiology and otolaryngology
• Alternative health
• Environmental sciences
• Geology
• Behavioral sciences
• Management
• History
• Political science

Spanish Language Materials

• Textbooks
• Literature
• Sociology and political science
• History
• Medical subjects
• Encyclopedias
• Consumer health
• Alternative health